CDS Advantage

Just in Time delivery. Morning, noon, night:
Scheduling is not an obstacle for us, We are where you want us, when you want us there.

We want to work with you no matter where your work takes you: Maine, New Hampshire, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, etc.

Top Talent:
Charles D. Sheehy has prided itself on the strength of our employees for many years. Our employees are truly an extension of our brand and we try to provide them with the tools necessary to serve you.

Our employees receive more training than any other distributor when it comes to product, safety, and best practices.

  • Pre-Sale / Bid Stage

    Product Specification and Selection
    When we quote a project, we will ensure the product quoted, unless directed otherwise, is accepted on that project

    Integration with your estimating software
    We will deliver to you: an electronic flat file containing any data you request, including:

    • UPC codes
    • Pricing
    • Weights

    We will provide education, in assistance with industry leaders to your staff or clients on the following:

    • Principals of steel pipe
    • Valve technology
    • Steam systems
    • Made in America / Domestic Sourcing
  • Distribution

    Not all projects are the same, and your packaging requirements differ than other contractors. Our standard packaging method includes printed labels on every package, parcel and cut piece of pipe listing your company info, job name and phone number and tag information for easy jobsite sorting. Custom crating, bundling and packaging solutions are not a problem.

    Moffett truck delivery

    OSHA-10 (industry exclusive) 
    Any Sheehy representative on your site maintains OSHA 10 hour training card, we do it for the same reason you do it, because we want to work safe, and because it is important to you and your client.

  • ARRA Compliance

    We are the only distributor with formal training in the compliance of the American Re-investment and Recovery Act (stimulus) The ARRA was developed as a way to ensure that products manufactured in the US of US-sourced materials would be used in the construction of project receiving federal monies.

    • Just because an item states “Made in USA” does not mean it is compliant.
    • By the letter of the law, if you do not have a letter or document  from the MANUFACTURER stating compliance, the item may be deemed incompliant
    • Some import items are allowed under ARRA